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darkness engulfed the night
abyssal, like eyes shut
I clasped the nocturnal silence
ink gushed onto my bed
unto hemorrhaging poem, desiccated
verses stained the darkness
which in turn, tainted me
as I tarnished you,
denigrated your nipples
harđene words
and my hand contused
in exertively wrenching
those ailing verses from my core
those undergestated verses
and the poem bled
covering pages
enveloping days
as I wanderingly gathered each emaciated thoughts
encircling nights
as I laid alone masturbating
those đamne words
hearts opened wordlessly

why write the arduous?

Nguyễn Tư Phương - Hồ Mai Ngôn phiên ngữ
Tạp Chí Thơ - Mùa Xuân 2002
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